Grab “2012-2013 WLAN Buyer’s Guide” for FREE

The Definitive Guide for Evaluating Enterprise WLAN Networks.

The evaluation of a Wi-Fi network requires that enterprises carefully consider the changes happening in the user population.

Factors in the Wi-Fi world today such as consumerization of IT and BYOD are driving the enterprise to deploy a wireless infrastructure. Additionally, three converging trends – cloud, mobility, and virtualization – allow business-critical work to be done just about anywhere on any device. This paper looks at:

  • Key requirements to consider as you plan for a WLAN purchase
  • The top 10 features for a WLAN
  • An overview of architectural choices
  • How to use the RFP process to select a vendor

Work has become a thing you do, not a place you go. Architecturally, as the shift to wireless as a foundation-layer technology is made, one must consider future trends and their impact to the network.


Grab “2012-2013 WLAN Buyer’s Guide” for FREE

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    Oct 02. 2013

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